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Multi-disciplinary Team

Patients who attend the centre will have the benefit of the collective wealth of experience that an expert multi-disciplinary team brings.This team comprises radio-oncologists, medical oncologists, reconstructive surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, geneticists, surgeons, researchers, gynaecologist and breast care nurses.  Our meetings are held once a week, and if you consent, your case will be discussed and an appropriate treatment plan developed.

  • Multi-disciplinary care (MDC) is an integrated team approach to health care in which medical and allied healthcare professionals consider all relevant treatment options and develop collaboratively an individual treatment plan for each patient in this case those with breast cancer.  There is increasing evidence that MDC improves patient outcomes.  The benefits of adopting a multi-disciplinary approach include:
  • improved patient care through the development of an agreed treatment plan
  • provision of best practice through the adoption of evidence-based guidelines
  • improved patient satisfaction with treatment
  • improved mental well-being of health professionals
  • streamlining treatment pathways
  • reduction of duplication of services
  • improved access to possible clinical trials of new therapies
  • increasing the timeliness of appropriate consultation and surgery and a shorter time frame from diagnosis to treatment.

Reference: Multi-disciplinary meetings for cancer care; a guide for health services prepared by; National Breast Cancer Centre