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The Breast and Endocrine Centre

The purpose built Breast and Endocrine Centre is located in Attunga House in the grounds of Burnside War Memorial Hospital, in the leafy suburb of Toorak Gardens close to the Adelaide CBD. Understanding the anxiety that goes with having a health concern, our staff are sensitive to your needs and our centre has been designed to accommodate consulting, diagnostic treatment and counselling services, in one private and convenient location to provide:

  1. Urgent appointments for breast cancer, or suspicion of cancer, within 24 – 48 hours
  2. Co-located radiology using state of the art mammography/tomosynthesis (Vacora biopsy available)
  3. Same day results (unless additional complex testing is required)
  4. Breast Clinician (doctor) for routine follow-up patient appointments
  5. Dedicated breast care nurses, at diagnosis, during hospital and oncology care, and for on-going follow-up
  6. The ability to contact a breast care nurse afterhours for advice and support
  7. In-house psychiatrist for ongoing psychological management and wellbeing
  8. Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) accredited for ultrasound performed by surgeons for diagnostic & minor procedures.

The Breast and Endocrine Centre maintains close contact with other services in Adelaide, including BreastScreen SA, radiotherapy and medical oncology services and public hospital breast units. We also consider research into all aspects of breast disease to be of utmost importance and we are actively involved in a number of projects including clinical trials and experimental studies with Dame Roma Mitchell Laboratories, University of Adelaide.


The Breast and Endocrine Centre was established in 1998 by Dr Clive Hoffmann and Dr Steve Birrell supported by the Burnside War Memorial Hospital with the vision of providing comprehensive, contemporary, coordinated care in one location for women and men with breast and endocrine problems, including breast cancer.

The centre has been designed to accommodate consulting, diagnostic treatment and counselling services, in one private and convenient location. Our surgeons were amongst the first to use digital ultrasound both in the consulting rooms and the operating theatre. It was the first private clinic to have breast care nurses. From humble beginnings with only the two surgeons, one receptionist/practice manager and two part time breast care nurses, the centre has certainly grown.

Some 8000 patients per year receive care at the Breast and Endocrine Centre.

Today we have increased our consulting and waiting space to improve the patient experience. We have a multi-disciplinary team consisting of 3 breast and endocrine surgeons, 2 breast clinicians, clinical psychiatrist, 2 Burnside Hospital breast care nurses and 4 support staff including a designated practice manager. The co-located specialist radiologists from Jones and Partners Medical Imaging, pathologists and associated health professionals continue to be integral to our service. This enables us to provide diagnosis and an ongoing treatment plan to most patients in one visit. Surgical and medical treatment is provided in leading edge facilities, supported by teams of compassionate and professional staff.